Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 Remembrance

Today we honor our fellow Americans who lost their lives and their loved ones 12 years ago on 9/11. While we remember the tragedy of 9/11 we also remember the hope, the coming together of our Nation and the pride that were forged on that day.

We honor those victims, survivors and the emergency responders left in the wake of the attacks on America.

And we are reminded of that feeling once again of working closely with our friends, our families and our neighbors to improve our world.

We all remember where we were that fateful day as we watched the tragedy unfold on TV and we must never forget the sacrifices made that day.

As a Nation, our resolve never wavered and today we honor that.

I encourage each of you to do an act of good will today as a remembrance and tribute to those who made the supreme sacrifice.

If every Cherokee does one good deed, one gesture of volunteerism to a greater good, the ripple effect will be felt well beyond our borders. 

God bless you, God bless the Cherokee Nation and God bless America.